Other Projects


Location: Madliena

Status: In Progress

An expanse of lawn greets visitors. As people approach the building, there is a build-up in experience. The façade projects composure and simplicity though high-quality marble and cladding with refined, sharp lines. The design works with partial concealment. The site contains several peripheral conditions that played their part in creating an architecture that belongs in the space.

Zen Gardens

Location: Swieqi

Status: In Progress

The property is a duplex, stretching across the third and fourth floors of the building. On the bottom level, there are the bedrooms and a private meditation garden. On the upper floor, we’ve placed the living room, kitchen, dining room and the outdoor lounge, terrace and pool. Hanging foliage connects the two levels by travelling down a series of steel meshes. Through a captivating and shifting geometric pattern, the trained plant climbers also serve as semi-transparent privacy screens. The two levels are also visually connected through the glass-bottomed pool, look-out points, an open spiral staircase and mesh flooring. The swaying foliage and shimmering reflections of sunlight on the pool bring dynamism to the static building mass. Set on a corner, the edifice enhances the streetscape and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Minim Semi-D

Location: San Pawl Tat-Targa

Status: Completed

The front of the house opens onto a vibrant pool, deck and al fresco dining area with striking views. This is a place for enjoyment and for living in the here and now. The back garden is more secluded, so we designed it to nurture a more tranquil connection with nature. This is where time stands still and calmness is of the essence. Residents can sit back, rest and contemplate the past, present and future. The materials used were carefully selected to reflect these ideas and sensations. Timber is used throughout the property to bring nature indoors and facilitate a connection with the earth. Transitioning to the outside, we used a graded shade of wood to open up onto the natural light outdoors. After discussions with our client, we decided to make the property a functionally flexible space. We did so by designing moveable elements, like the sliding unit that is a mobile divider between the kitchen and the living and dining areas. Even the entrance hall contains a moveable unit that has the unique effect of adding variety to the links between key spaces on the property. Photography: Peter M Mercieca

DigitalLoft – Offices

Location: St. Julians

Status: Completed

Bright tones were introduced through furniture that contrasts with the exposed concrete ceiling and raised grey flooring. The intention here was to create an illusion of floating particles in space. Dark blue gradients into light blue to create greater depth and a sense of infinity of surfaces. The project composition, though, centres on a particular element: the square. It is the square that evolves into a cube within the digital space, and it determines the geometry of the main pieces of furniture, the lamps and sound-absorbing materials. Under the absence of gravity, materials and masses in the offices move in a non-homogenous way, occupying the three dimensions within the space. Then, the cube rotates, breaks against the wall’s flat surface and transforms into a two-dimensional hexagon. Completing the illusion, the circle elicits a sense of speed, sport and dream-like, celestial bodies. Testimonial: “Working with MJMDA was a super experience from beginning to end. From the very first day, the team committed to the project with passion. We had great interactions and debates during the design phase, but the best was yet to come in the implementation phase. The project management was possibly the strongest point as there were certainly some tricky moments to overcome during the project’s lifetime. MJMDA showed the highest level of professionalism, capability and commitment to creating the Altenar premises to the highest standard and on time.” – Mr Dinos Stranomitis, Altenar Ltd. Photography: Peter M Mercieca

Playmobil – Offices Facade

Location: Hal Far

Status: Completed

This characteristic of childhood has become a crucial part of the identity of Playmobil, so we integrated it with the more sober, corporate feel of the company’s headquarters. The two personality traits of the same business have met in the middle. In this space, dynamicity holds the hand of order, creating an atmosphere that fosters creativity, inspiration and success.

Carcass City Bar

Location: Valletta

Status: Completed

The MJMDA project team built on the building’s existing character. They peeled back the layers and revealed the real charm of the space. The bar’s lights, structure, organisation and rhythm play together to create a perfectly synthesised design. Photography: Peter M Mercieca

Poete Maudit

Location: Cospicua

Status: In Progress

Poète Maudit was a concept that was born in the early 19th century in France. Started by Alfred de Vigny, the term refers to someone living outside the norms of society. Here, it captures the concept and design of this guesthouse in Cospicua perfectly. With this project, we have ambitiously combined unconventional elements with those that society expects to see. In doing so, we have created a peaceful synthesis. Out of seemingly jarring juxtaposition, we have fashioned harmony.