Working Well






Nov 2018

Limber Lattice

With Limber Lattice, MJMDA was the 2019 winner of the Premju Emanuele Luigi Galizia – Quality Architecture Award. It blossomed out of the idea that a workplace is a cloud – a space in which we are led into and motivated by a state of focus and collaboration. An office’s architecture is therefore responsible for guiding and inspiring the visitor and the worker.

When people collaborate, they become greater than the sum of the group’s individual parts. Consequently, the space in which they work should inspire greatness. In the embrace of sound architecture, people flourish and their ability to focus and collaborate is enhanced.

In Limber Lattice, the architecture was designed integrally, structuring the exterior and interior in a dexterous swipe. The unmissable grid on the façade optimises every aspect of the building. It is strung between two opposing walls to create spaces and volumes that inspire greatness and confidence.

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Photography: Peter M Mercieca

Interiors in collaboration with Mr. Nathan Martin